My First Year Of Marriage

My hubby and I have been married now 13 months. When he and I originally started dating he lived in Charlotte, NC and I lived In Akron, OH. The distance between us was tiresome as he would come every other month to visit me, but it was difficult to see him leave. After only dating for 4 months I knew I loved him and was the one God had as my husband. After 7-8 months of long distance dating my husband decided to move back to Ohio, and we got engaged. The process of planning a wedding was awesome at first, but became difficult as families didn't agree on things and that placed a strain on us as a couple. But with time, much prayer, and fight we married on September 28, 2014. I love my husband and being married, but being married takes work, patience, reflection and compromise. The first adjustment to being married versus being single was having another person in your space. We did not live together before we got married, So it was an adjustment to making what is his is mine and vice versa. The second adjustment that had to be made was balancing home life, grad school, time to myself, friends time, and keeping things interesting and not getting into a routine or be boring. Finally, I had to work on myself, my attitude, my spending issues, and patience. To alleviate these issues, which is still a work in progress, but fun I am learning how to balance my finances by budgeting and analyzing needs verses a want. We have dedicated time to each other by taking kick boxing classes together and working with a trainer together at a gym. We also cook together, and

travel 2-3 times a year including a big trip for our anniversary . I also hang with my friends once a month and since being married I lost 3 good friends. It's hard to get my single friends to understand that it is ok to call and ask me to hang out etc, but on the flip side that I can't be out with them every weekend . So at times we switch it by up going out to eat, or having them over for dinner and girl night . I think those where the two hardest things, friends and finances. The only way we made it was God! We both stayed prayed up and when one was down the other was praying. We also had a host of family and friends who supported and prayed for us as well. Like any couple we ran into issues with money and everyday challenges, but we decided together, that anything worth fighting for would be our marriage. We just want encourage other young couples that marriage is work, but as long as God is on your side all things are possible! Finally, having fun, spontaneous adventures, and keeping others out of your marriage will go a long way!!!

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