Till Death Do Us Part

My name is Narbell Johnson, I am 52 years old. Although I have shared different parts of my story to help in certain areas of counseling, this is new for me. I have never written anything down. I met my husband in junior high school. We started dating in the 10th grade, and got engaged in the 11th grade when I became pregnant with our first child. Our senior year, our child was born and five months later we got married. We were young and very much in love, but what I learned was that loving someone doesn't keep you with them. I went from being a virgin in my Mom and Dad's house, to being in love, having a child and getting married in high school. So here I am, an eighteen year old little girl, crazy in love, but not knowing how to be who I had become. I became a mother, a wife, a lover, and a friend all at the same time. My life consisted of a crying baby, sex all the time, no sleep, and getting pregnant again. I thought to myself where am I? Who am I? And what has become of my life? As time went on my husband and I became the joke among some family and friends. Because we were so young, many of our family and friends didn't think we had a chance of making it. I can remember feeling sad because of what everyone was saying, but my husband would say, "it’s us against the world, we will show them!” The pressures of life and marriage, and not having anyone our age to relate to made it very difficult for both of us. My husband began to go through what I called the, "I am grown stage." No matter what I would say, or tell him to do, he would say, "I am grown." Looking back on it now, I came to realize that he had lost himself as well. And I had no patience with him. We stopped talking, argued all the time, and I felt so alone. Where was my friend? Where was his friend? Where was my white picket fence? Everything began to take a turn for the worse. I had to get out. Our love was gone. We didn't say it, we didn't feel it, and after two years it’s time to call it quits. But I learned that because you don't say it, or feel it at the moment, doesn't mean it’s not there. I can’t write everything, but what I can say is what God has joined together, let no man, woman, kids or family put asunder. Thank God what we thought was burnt out just needed a match to start the fire burning again. So here I am 34 years later saying, "To God be the glory!" No, marriage is not just about love, but patience, trust and a lot of forgiveness. Making a marriage work does not mean you won’t hurt one another, it just means that you choose to forgive. If you plan on making it, you have to keep finding that spark. Don't just have a wedding, have a marriage. As you get older your wants and needs will change. So continue to learn each other and grow with each other.

We fought to keep our marriage alive and because of that we have a successful marriage and family. Till Death Do Us Part!

"Greater is he who is in me than he who is in the world"

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