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Making Marriage Last FOREVER...


About Us: My husband and I have been married for 13 wonderful years. We've never dated. We were two friends that God joined together. So, I've never had the experience of knowing if my husband had "game" or not. Marriage did not take away our dating life. Marriage created our dating life. How are we, as women, going to keep the fire burning in our marriages? What I've learned is that 90% of marriages that last is because the woman wants it to last. It is 90% of us that plan all the date nights, plan all the family vacations, plan all of the outings. But when you want something it doesn't bother you to put forth that effort. So I made a declaration that I wanted a marriage where we had fun. I wanted a marriage where we did things out of the ordinary. I wanted surprises from my husband so I started giving him surprises. I wanted fun times so I started creating fun times. I tried to create moments that would build great memories. We step outside of the box on date nights. We go to places other than dinner and a movie. I try to plan different experiences. I want to do things that neither one of us has tried. These types of things keep our relationship interesting and fun. It also helps to have a husband that is willing to try new things.

In the time that I was getting tired of doing all the planning, I incorporated the Alphabet dating into our relationship. That's where we date through the alphabet.

Rules are as follows:

1. Each date has to incorporate the letter that we are celebrating. Ex. Date A - Art and Asian food., Date B - Best Burgers in town, etc.....

2. Each party takes turns on planning the date.

3. Set an affordable price limit.

4. We recommend dating at least once per month but you can date as often as your money will allow.

5. Of course, NO KIDS ALLOWED! I hope that goes without being said.

6. NO CELL PHONES ON DATE NIGHT! Converse with each other and enjoy each other's company.

7. Each party has to be willing to go on which ever date is planned by the other person. You are trying to see what each other likes and enjoying their interests together.

8. This doesn't have to be a rule but we surprised each other. So we didn't reveal what date night was until we pulled up at the venue. Just to keep that excitement going. It was more for me because I love surprises.

You can purchase my book here: "Keeping the Honey in the Moon"

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