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Mother/daughter fighters/survivors


In April 2012 my mom and I got news that would change our lives forever! We were both diagnosed with breast cancer within one week of each other. Our journies were/are very different tho. Complete opposite actually. She had surgery to remove one Breast that June and I started chemotherapy that June. The Doctor recommended that I got chemo first because I had a apple size mass in my right Breast that probably couldn't be removed thoroughly with surgery without shrinking it. I had a lot of mixed feelings about this. Of course being a woman my thoughts went right to vanity! What about my hair? What about looking sick? I didn't feel sick so I didn't want to take anything that would make me look or feel sick. My mom was totally against chemo. She refused it although it was strongly recommended. Although I wanted to make that decision I asked God for clarity and an answer and HE made it clear immediately. I wasn't afraid anymore. I wasn't sad about it. I knew that I had to do whatever it would take to still be here for my children. I went through 4 months of feeling sick. Chemo burns all over my body, darkening complexion, toe and finger nails dying, swelling in my legs, hair loss of course and several other nasty side effects that chemo causes. I DID NOT FEEL PRETTY! I just kept it in my mind "whatever it takes". About a month after chemo was done I had both of my breast removed. Reconstruction was done at the time of surgery. Here I am 30 years old losing my breast! Believe it or not I didn't care tho. I had asked God for that perfect piece and he gave it to me. People asked and still ask how I stayed so strong. My only answer is faith! God told me that if I listened to his will and didn't go against it he would give me a story to tell and allow me to be here for years to tell it!! I underwent several procedures and one more surgery after my mastectomy. My hair grew back slowly and within a years time I felt back to normal. As soon as everything got quiet my mom found out that her breast cancer had returned. This time it was in her lymph nodes. Right after this diagnoses she went through surgery again and the same chemo regimen with almost identical side effects. She's so strong! Her hair started to grow back and we thought all was well and that we could finally leave this breast cancer stuff in the past. About a year later she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in her brain. She is currently being treated for it. She just underwent 3 weeks of full brain radiation. This made her very ill, bald yet again and gain a little weight. She still holds her head high! She's a great example of strength and beauty on the inside and out! You have to realize that in life things may not be good while it's working but it's working FOR YOUR GOOD! Sometimes you have to do things that are uncomfortable and not so pretty in order to get results that you want. My mom goes back and forth with thoughts that if she would've thought outside of being comfortable and took the recommended treatment in the first place then things would be different. We don't know that for sure. I'm just here to tell you worry about nothing and pray about everything! Don't let vanity get in the way of your destiny! Things will not always be perfect but you have to smile through the trials anyways! Life will not always be fair but play the cards dealt to you like your life depends on it. Breast cancer is not a pink ribbon. It is not glorious or "the best kind of cancer". It is a form of cancer that most people don't realize kills more people then other cancers because it's more common and when it returns it comes back very aggressive. With all of this being said no matter the fight in your life fighting is not pretty but being a fighter is!! Don't give up, pray and seek God through all things! Positivity is key!WE ARE BELLA!

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